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Rules For Adding Videos
- If you're new to dumping here, your site must be a quality site.
- There are NO ratios here. Please give a hard link back to us instead.
- If you want to add videos on our website be sure you have a hard link with our website on your index page and videos page, if our script doesnt find our link
you can`t submit videos !

Here are some suggestions for the hard link:
Link Title: Fucking Link
Link Title: Free Porn
Link Title: Porn Videos
All links should point to: http://www.18pornsearch.com

Additional Rules
1. Alexa Rank check!
Alexa Rank 0 - 2.000,000 3 videos day.
Alexa Rank 2,000,000+ not allowed for now.
2. Only submit links that have video or picture content, no homepages.
3. No short videos (minimum 2 min. long), excessive fake players, or annoying a ds/pop-ups
4. No child porn/incest/real abuse videos or link dumps from hateful sites.
5. We are no longer accepting links that use embedded videos from illegal tubes or websites who dont accept iFrames.